Kingdom Young

Kingdom Young encapsulates projects from Steph Young - a portfolio of best in class work - and services a range of needs for both brands and individuals. 


Branding, Brand marketing. Digital marketing. Social media. Production. Creative concepts. Strategy.  

How I started

My background is anything but traditional. Over a decade ago I founded a personal training studio, but quickly discovered I was on the wrong path. So with a few free hours each day, I began a career in marketing, starting from a blank page. Sales, production, project management, digital marketing and brand marketing – each position I held allowed me to develop an in-depth and comprehensive approach to marketing strategy.

Where I’ve been

Working at brand heavyweights, Adidas and Beats by Dre, taught me what it takes to be number one. Upon launching over 25 campaigns and building in-house social and design teams, I took up the position as Head of Brand Marketing at MeUndies, an ecommerce underwear company, launching partnerships and campaigns to solidify their brand message and create fresh energy in the industry.

Where I’m headed

After a decade in marketing, I decided it’s time to kick off my own marketing brand.

Kingdom Young was created to bridge the gap between content, social media, brand marketing and digital strategy. Though my work and experience, I hope to generate new ideas, create projects with purpose and make an impact in the industry. 

And the best way to make an impact? Think big and follow through. 



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